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Exercise Therapy Program – FMA (Functional Movement Analysis) Customized

Exercise Rehabilitation for pain in Gainesville, Florida Back Exercises Can Do More Harm Than Good Our FMA (Functional Movement Analysis) Exercise Therapy Program enables muscles and joints to work together effectively without more damage being done.

A critically important part of any joint or disc injury rehabilitation program is making sure the muscles which support and control a joint or disc are functioning in coordination with its surrounding counter parts.

Just strengthen an injured muscle with back exercises is not enough.
So we take a global look to identify weaknesses and deficiencies that may have led to inefficient and unbalanced movement, which places undue strain on spinal and extremity joints, causing them to inflame, degenerate and create unwanted pain.
Do you have recurrent injuries that don’t ever seem to heal? It’s probably because of using back exercises that do more harm than good.

Because every one of us is unique, we perform an individualized Functional Movement Analysis (FMA) of your situation and condition so we can provide you with better strategies to get you back to your routine of active living much quicker..

Functional Movement Analysis (FMA)

FMA is designed to detect biomechanical and movement imbalances that can lead to overuse-injuries and eventual joint degeneration. Believe me, you DON’T want that!


Most patients have some idea of back exercises, but are completely unaware about functional fitness.

    Simply defined, functional fitness is the ability of your musculoskeletal system (bones, tendons, and muscles) to withstand the demands of your activities of daily living with minimal effect.
    By evaluating several factors, patients are screened
    • Movement imbalances
    • Asymmetries
    • Inhibited muscles (that can lead to joint degeneration)
    • Muscle strains
    • Ligament sprains

    After receiving your FMA, corrective exercises are given to correct biomechanical deficiencies, improve joint stability, and create a healthy joint complex.
    The bottom line is, through your FMA Exercise Therapy Program

    • your recovery time will be minimized
    • you will reduce your chances of worsening your injury
    • you can avoid joint degeneration
    • and you can get back to your active lifestyle quicker in a safe and effective manner

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