Dr. Bob is great and extremely knowledgeable about how the body moves! He went above and beyond to see me on short notice in between clients when I happened to be in town for the weekend and still took his time to explain things to me. I highly recommend Dr. Bob!” -Erin S.

“I started seeing Dr. Bob when I had an injury from working out. After fixing that quickly, I see him regularly to keep my body healthy. He also uses technologies to pinpoint problem areas to get ahead of them before they become injuries. Haven't had an injury since!”- Kevin M.

“I've been doing concrete work since I was 11 years old and I feel like I'm a pretty tough guy. After hurting my back on the job yesterday I didn't feel so tough as I could barely walk. After a miserable night my wife scheduled me to see Dr Bob. By the time I left his office I was mobile again and my pain went from a 9 to a 3. Within a few hours I felt great. I may know concrete but Dr Bob is a back specialist and genius one at that!! I will never trust anyone with my back. If you want to feel better in a great office with all the most innovative equipment available and a doctor who is by far the best of the best, Come see Dr Bob!! Thanks again Dr Bob!” -Adam B.

“Standing on my feet all day as a salon owner and stylist had me thinking back pain was just normal for aging. I came to see Bob after having serious back pain to get me through rough patches. Realized that I felt better going every 2 weeks and so I decided to take care of myself and go every week. During this time, my back went out and I was in excruciating pain. They got me in that week three times to get me back on track and pain free. Love the staff and the fact that they are always so accommodating. The Celebrate Primary Care office is such a relaxing environment to be in as well.” - Amy C.

“Dr. Ruano and his entire staff are caring, knowledgeable, compassionate, professional, and go out of their way to make each appointment a great experience. At one of my most physically challenging times of my life, they helped me to overcome my pain through various therapies and return to normal daily healthy functioning. I highly recommend not only their services, but their wonderful staff.” - Cathy T.

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